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RAMDisk is a straightforward and reliable piece of software that takes a portion of your system memory and uses it as a disk drive. It is able to speed up applications such as games, Internet Explorer cache for faster web surfing, audio or video editors, CAD programs, databases and software compilers.RAMDisk is an amazing application which increases the speed of your computer, games and your multimedia experience. It’s a hardware driver that simulates the CPU cache to allow programs to use faster access to memory. You can simply install RAMDisk on to your PC to provide a faster web surfing experience, more stability and smoother operation.RAMDisk allows you to create a RAM disk through which your system is installed and configured. With the help of RAMDisk, you can create a RAM disk partition and make your OS/software cache to appear as a local disk. To confirm that you are using a RAM disk, just right click on your programs and go to “Open File Location” and see if your program has moved. The RAM disk utility will be at the root directory if you have a RAM disk partition is a website of geeks and tech freaks. We would like to share their experience to all user of RAMDisk. is an online community where you can get all kind of useful software, hardware and other tehnical data related to RAMDisk.Q:Command palette not updating when my macro changes resultCurrently I have a command that searches for a file based on a filename extension (which works) and creates a new Outlook folder as a tempfile. That works fine so far. I want to update the Commandpalette so that it shows a + sign next to the item that has been found. I've done the following:Sub GenerateDir(this_dir As String) Dim x As Variant Dim oShell As Object Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Dim oMyProcess As Object Set oMyProcess = oShell.Exec("Dir """ & this_dir & """ /b /s /a:-d /o:-D") Dim oMyItems As Object Set oMyItems = oMyProcess.StdOut.ReadAll() Dim oMyPars As Object Set oMyP 08929e5ed8

RAMDisk Crack

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