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Tips To Care For Bleached Hair

1: Don’t wait too long between touch-ups: With on-scalp bleaching, the heat from your scalp will speed up the lightening process, so if you want a nice clean blonde without yellow bands, don’t let your roots grow past the 6 week mark. 2: Learn to style your hair without heat: Bleached hair will already be porous and dryer, adding heating tools/blowdryers into the mix every day will just dry your hair out more and fade toners a lot faster. When you must use hot tools always use a heat protecting product before. 3: Skip a wash: Washing your hair too frequently with shampoo can be incredibly drying. Try to keep it to once or twice a week - if your hair feels too oily in-between you can always wet your hair down and gently scrub the scalp with your fingers. 4: Bond building agents are your best friend!: Products such as (but not limited to) Smart Bond, Cureplex, Olaplex etc. can be added to the bleach before application to decrease the chance of hair breakage. Talk to your colourist during consultation to see if they provide bond building products. Note that these products will wear off your hair in time; take-home options will ensure environmental damage is kept to a minimum. 5: Alternate between protein and moisture treatments at home: Protein is a must for bleached hair but you can over-use it. Using a moisturising treatment every week and protein once a month is a great way to keep your locks feeling soft and less brittle. 6: Wait 2 weeks before purple shampoo: You don’t need to use toning shampoos until the toner in your hair actually starts to fade. Shampooing too quickly after your service will just speed up the fading process of the toner your colourist chose for you. 7: Turn down the water temperature: Hot showers can strip your hair (and skin) of its natural oils, which will lead to colour fading and dryness. Lukewarm water is always best; although it doesn’t feel quite as good, your hair will thank you in the long run. 8: Trim the ends!: Go for a haircut within a week of getting your hair coloured to seal the ends. Even if you’re growing your hair, a trim will ensure those pesky split ends don’t keep splitting up the hair shaft. 9: Wear a hat: As with heating tools, the sun can wreak havoc on bleached hair. If you plan on spending extended amounts of time in the sun, bring a wide brimmed hat and wear leave in conditioner.


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