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Loreal Majirel vs. Inoa = Grey Coverage

Differences in Loreal’s Majirel vs. Inoa grey coverage colours.

How Majirel works: Like in traditional colour technology, Majirel uses ammonia to swell the hair cuticle and allow colours to penetrate the hair shaft. It is often the most drastic and permanent method in hair colouring.  How I

noa works: Standing for “Innovative No Ammonia”, Inoa uses an alternative alkaline agent called “MEA”; it’s used in a very low dose to slightly open the hair cuticle. A film of oil will then coat the hair to propel the water based colour deeper into the hair. In Inoa’s “oil delivery system”  less MEA is used than most other ammonia free options, meaning your scalp will not suffer and there’s no smell! the more MEA used in colours, means more alkaline and more alkaline can result in for damage to the hair shaft and irritation to the scalp. While both colour methods provide different results, they both cover 100% of greys and provide amazing shine and reflect to the hair. Your colourist can discuss during consultation which would be most suitable to you and your lifestyle.


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