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Instead of using heavy oils or proteins we suggest

It’s no secret that coconut oil has risen in popularity over the last few years. From claims of being healthier to cook with, hydrating dried out skin, whitening teeth and even reviving over-processed or dry hair. While some of these claims definitely ring true, coconut oil has become a bit of an enemy to hairdressers. 

Most at-home treatments for hair tend to just cover the underlying problem that you may be having. Coconut oil treatments are extremely heavy and almost impossible to completely rinse from the hair. While it may make your hair look shiny and feel softer, this is because coconut oil fills every cuticle in the hair shaft, meaning water and critical moisture is repelled. Coconut oil will build up too much protein on the hair and create a strong barrier, making it extremely hard for tints to penetrate and may make the colours we use fade a lot faster than usual. If you’ve been using coconut oil on your hair frequently, a good way to get it out of the hair shaft is mixing a teaspoon of bicarb soda with a professional cleansing shampoo and letting it sit on the hair for 5 minutes. This may make your hair feel slightly dry but a good moisturising conditioner will fix that straight away. 


  • Investing in a professional moisturising treatment

  • Leaving your conditioner in for longer

  • Using a hair oil on damp hair such as moroccan oil or argan oil (being careful not to buy something with heavy silicons) 

  • Finding a good leave-in treatment/conditioner

all in all, it’d be best to leave cooking oils in the kitchen and hair products in the bathroom.


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