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How supermarket and drugstore products could be ruining your professional hair colour !

Have you ever noticed your professional colour (that you just spent a small fortune on) has started to fade after just a few washes? Your shampoo could be the culprit.

There’s a reason when you take a trip to the salon your colourist recommends a shampoo for you to take home. Cheap supermarket/drugstore shampoos can contain a lot of nasties such as Sillcone (which builds up on the hair shaft every time you wash, making it feel soft and shiny after you wash, but clings to dirt making you feel the need to shampoo way too often), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), a type of ingredient responsible for making shampoo foam, and alcohol, which dries the hair out more after every use. These ingredients can strip your hair of the natural oils that protect and moisturise your hair.

Most salon brand shampoos are colour protective, meaning they’ll cleanse the scalp enough without stripping the hair of colours and oils. Your hairstylist can prescribe a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair needs knowing that all of the ingredients are safe and won’t irritate your scalp or cause any build up in the hair. Whereas supermarket and drugstore shampoos are more generic and try to appeal to a wider range of people. Using cheaper ingredients means making a cheaper product, but is that really worth the integrity of your hair?

Similar to the way we look at ingredients in food, we should be aware of the things we put in our hair and on our skin.


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