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The best solution to make your curls last longer !

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The answer is here...

In 2006 i discovered Liquid Texture Firm Hold from White Sands Haircare and immediately fall in love with the product, it's the “ultimate design tool” because it allows you to create and recreate any hair design imaginable. Liquid Texture has raised the bar for hair spray because it can be combed through and has incredible memory to provide long-lasting designs without regard to humidity. Even being an official Loreal hair salon for the last 16 years, liquid texture firm hold from White Sands Haircare has been my favorite hair styling product when it comes to creating a long lasting curls and up-styles.

We all love those beautiful, flawless bouncy curly hair that lasts all day. With Liquid Texture Firm Hold you can definitely achieve that as long as you apply the heat, this products works the best in combination with hot tools. With this spray, it seems the more heat that's applied, the shinier your hair becomes.

It's mind blowing, as we all know the heat hurts your hair. According to Fernando Salas, the creator of White Sands Haircare, when you use a flat iron or curling iron on your hair after applying the Infinity spray, the unique combination of copolymers lay the cuticle layers of your hair down flat. “When you put heat on the hair with Infinity, it super boosts these copolymers and increases the way it makes the hair shine even more,” he tells Teen Vogue. “


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