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3-in-1 Crazy Hair Color Treatments

Revlon Nutri Colour is the perfect product for you when you want to refresh your hair colour or adopt a new fantasy shade thanks to Revlon latest techniques that guarantee healthy, shiny hair. As hairdresser we often try to encourage our clients to use a hair treatments at home as much as possible, the beauty of this product is that you are not just making your hair healthier and keeping it in good conditions specially after bleach but you are keeping your colour fresh looking as you just walked out of the salon. You will come back to the salon to redo you regrowth but the rest of your hair colour will still look bright and fresh.

An exclusive blend that combines cosmetic ingredients with a conditioning system, provitamin B5, grapeseed oil, and a selection of ionic pigments. Revlon Nutri Colo, Synergy Complex Nourishes the hair fiber with a 3-in-1 effect to obtain an impecable combination of color, care and shine.


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